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The walls of the room are mirrors, casting the rigger (who ties) and the bunny (who’s tied) into an infinity loop, and the floors are padded with foam to deaden any falls.

Shanghai’s organized rope bondage community has sprung to life in the past two years, fostered by organizers like Huahua, and the class is a cautious foray out of the bedroom and into the open.

Many young Chinese citizens feel caught in a vice: Although they live in an increasingly sexually liberated world, their conservative and authoritarian government warily eyes sexual self-expression and organized underground communities.

Most of the Wednesday students are newcomers—foreign and local—and Huahua, who is ethnically Chinese but was raised in the United Kingdom, switches between Chinese and British-accented English as she teaches the ABCs of how to bind someone.

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About 40 people showed up the first night, half foreign and half Chinese.

“But then the Chinese people started to share it on social media and other Chinese people came and saw that this [kind of event] could be very public,” he says.

Riggers—those who tie—typically use visually intricate patterns to restrain their “bunnies.” Although literature and art forms throughout history are awash with erotic depictions of humans binding each other, Japan is largely to thank both for the popularity of modern-day bondage as well as its techniques, which have been exported across the world.

The most well-known Japanese bondage terms There was a strong appetite in Shanghai for Davide’s workshops, which allowed bondage practitioners to congregate, make friends, and hone their skills.

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Make sure you also study your French linking words, adverbs and adjectives.

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