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If they enemy can't see you, they can't drain you.

This way, if a energy-draining eximus gets stuck in an unreachable spot, it doesn't completely fuck you over. Essentially, Energy Drain eximi would throw out a "tether" (For corpus, this could be a energy beam, like those little orbs one of the Bursas throw out that slow you, for Grineer/Infested it would be a grapple hook) that, if it hits, will knock you down, but will start draining your energy.

I have always disliked zooms, and digital zooms in particular, but here is an 'app' which is worse.

I can't even begin to talk about the filters but I'm sure there will be many deconstructions to come. Sei também que ta doendo, mas acredita em mim, quando ele te ver sorrindo, vai doer só nele !!!

This tether would be broken if the user left the aura of the eximus, or if the eximus died.

If the tether missed, then your energy wouldn't be drained until the eximus threw out a tether that landed./u/rebulast Apologies, but I really want this added. Still get to cast abilities, still doesn't punish you for your energy pool, solves the problem of having 1,000 energy eximus in the room that'd just re-tether to you, and swaps the challenge from "Kill this unit within 4 seconds or lose all your energy and safety" to "You're still safe because you can cast your ability, but you have to make this cast count"have them drop at least a fraction of the energy they leech upon death, like, they have a cap or a decay (like, 10-20 seconds after they sapped it, the energy they leeched was consumed).meanwhile, units that outright remove the entire energy pool should be reworked.i mean, i get where DE came from with all of this - they dont really like us spamming powers, but when all you need to do is to spam team restores, it's just a matter of having enough materials grinded up to craft all those pizzas.sappers failed to solve the perceived problem, it's just annoying and frustrating at this point.

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Mutalist Moas, Broodmothers, Ancients, Boilers can all be either parasite, heat based, toxin based and sanguine.

The fucking chargers, runners, leapers and crawlers can be only motherfucking parasite. What needs to be done to make them less carcinogenic to deal with: It was once suggested a while back that they give back the energy back they drained once they are killed which I still think could atleast be one way of fixing the problem (not entirely but every bit helps) radius of it.

For example, making pictures with a Rolleiflex TLR (2 1/4" square negatives) and printing full-frame can be incredibly liberating as Ralph Eugene Meatyard discovered, but it also allows you to shoot wide and then frame creatively at the printing stage.

Not so with Insta Fuck, which forces you to square crop a phone pic that might actually look better in a different format and then upload disappointed to the Social World awaiting us all.

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With around 20 languages being supported on the platform, even those with compromising English skills can find a match.

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This hookup and sex community welcomes everyone no matter what their orientation or fetish. Within moments of signing up, you can browse profiles, send messages, and arrange your hook up on any device.

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Senior Match focuses on users over 50 years of age and does not allow members under the age of 45.

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Shashoua also said credit card companies had refused to process transactions for the company's Internet businesses.