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Our study reported significant findings of a “social genome” that can be quantified and studied to understand human health and behavior.In a national sample of more than 5,000 American adolescents, we found evidence of social forces that act to make friends and schoolmates more genetically similar to one another compared with random pairs of unrelated individuals.We considered the genetics of three phenotypes: height, body mass index (BMI) (a measure of adiposity), and educational attainment.We used polygenic scores to summarize phenotype-related genetics.Responses were collated within schools to identify social ties between individuals and their friends (24).Of the adolescents surveyed, 20,745 were enrolled in a longitudinal study that included in-home interviews with the adolescents and their parents and that followed the adolescents prospectively across four waves of interviews spanning 14 y.At the most recent interview in 2008, ∼12,000 Add Health participants provided DNA for genotyping and genome-wide single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data were assayed.We linked these genetic data with social network information from the original school-based surveys along with information about personal characteristics and social environments accumulated across Add Health follow-up waves.

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Second, there may exist social–genetic effects—the effects of alter’s genotype on ego’s phenotype (1, 14, 15)—which would further suggest that social sorting on genotype may have consequences for the distribution of phenotypes in a population beyond its effect on subsequent generations through assortative mating.This subtle genetic similarity was observed across the entire genome and at sets of genomic locations linked with specific traits—educational attainment and body mass index—a phenomenon we term “social–genetic correlation.” We also find evidence of a “social–genetic effect” such that the genetics of a person’s friends and schoolmates influenced their own education, even after accounting for the person’s own genetics.Humans tend to form social relationships with others who resemble them.Adolescence is a critical developmental period in which patterns of health behaviors and overall mental health established during this phase continue through the life course (16) and may affect socioeconomic attainment (17, 18).Moreover, it is also a time of heightened salience for peer networks and influence (19–22).

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